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I'm a diligent PhD student, focused on my research projects, and an existential search for humor, purpose, and the number 42.


my lab has one window - it overlooks a parking deck

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Microbiology & Immunology grad student blog.

"Failure; one pipette tip away"

But how will we get there?”

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Buffy breast feeds Cody on Sesame Street (x)

This was 1976. Big Bird understood and was wholly accepting and empathetic toward Buffy breastfeeding in public, and Big Bird is meant to be the equivalent of a preschool aged child, but every single day on social media, adults exclaim disgust toward breastfeeding in public and misogyny at the parents who do so. People, you’re less evolved than
Big Bird was 38 years ago. Grow the hell up.

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Takahashi Maki - White hut, Saitama 2012. Via, photos (C) Shinkenchiku-sha.

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Standardized Metro Maps Around the World (by Jug Cerovic)

French-Serbian architect Jug Cerovic has standardized international subway maps with INAT, a guideline developed to unify the global metro network with easy to read and memorize charts. Each city’s center is enlarged, to make room for the multiplicity of lines and connecting stations. A standard set of symbols is applied to each map including the line colors, stations, connections and station labeling. Angles are gently curved for a smooth familiar look and linear paths are represented vertically, horizontally, or 45, with no more than 5 bends on their entire length. Highly representative shapes are used for specific ubran features: a ring for Moscow and Paris, a parallelogram for London, and regularly spaced parallel lines for gridded street patterns like new York. All text is labelled in both local and latin characters and are legible on small sized prints for pocket use and suitable for display on a wide array of supports.




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